Process to Ban Noncompete Clauses Hits Delay, Impacting Florida Businesses

In recent months, we discussed the looming Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rule and likely vote to ban noncompete clauses in most employment contracts. The original rulemaking process raises concerns for Florida businesses that make use of these in their contracts. Current and future contracts would be impacted by the proposed rule. After a delay in the public comment deadline earlier this year, Bloomberg News reports Read More

Importance of a Business Power of Attorney and Choosing the Right Agent

Estate planning and business succession planning have many similarities. A central aim of both is to ensure your most prized possessions are in the best hands after relinquishing control. A sometimes-overlooked function of these two types of plans is the ability to continue business operations if you become incapacitated. Incapacitation occurs when you are no longer able to make important decisions and is often Read More

You Have a New Business Partner. Will the Arrangement Work?

There are a few ways you could end up with a new business partner. A partner may leave their ownership interests to the successor in a will, trust, or other estate planning document.  Adjusting to a new business partner can be complicated in the best of circumstances. Typically, a successor spends considerable time learning the business and receiving training before taking over. Those who take over after the Read More

The Dangers of Not Planning For Business Partnership Succession

Building and maintaining a successful business is one of life’s greatest thrills and pleasures for many people. If you and your business partners are running a profitable business firing on all cylinders, imagining your company without its current leadership structure might be distressing and disheartening. An important part of ensuring your company’s long-term survival is planning for the eventual absence of a Read More

What Are These New AI Programs and How Can Florida Businesses Use Them?

As we have been covering this month, Artificial Intelligence has made leaps in recent months and there’s nothing to suggest the advancements will slow down. We have been exposed to AI for decades in some form or another, but breakthroughs over the past year have created more accessible AI programs for people and businesses to work with. Businesses need to be wary of certain concerns before implementing AI along Read More

Intellectual Property Concerns When Using AI

Much of the focus surrounding recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence has been centered on its impact on Intellectual Property. IPs hold significant value for businesses looking to grow and protect the work being done. AI, however, complicates this, as AI technologies pull from swaths of human-authored information, images, videos, sounds, data, and more. You and your business must be aware of the potential Read More

Your Business Needs to Understand AI Before Implementing

Artificial Intelligence is here. In fact, AI has been a huge part of our lives for years with technology like maps, autocorrect, spellcheck, and many automation services being driven by AI. However, recent advancements in other areas of AI tech have businesses jumping at the opportunity to get ahead of the pack. If your business is already implementing AI or considering it, you’re on the right track – but you need Read More

Four Signs of a Bad Business Partner

In the business world, we can’t always do it alone. Forming business partnerships provides greater potential and possibilities, sourcing skills, insight, and capital from a variety of individuals instead of trying to put it all together on our own. This, of course, comes with some added risk – bringing partners into the fold means relying on more individuals to uphold their responsibilities. Being attentive, Read More

What are the Differences Between a Business Partnership and Joint Venture?

Deciding the best structure for your business or professional project will dictate how the government looks at your work. Different structures come with different financial and tax benefits, incentives, and costs. In working with Florida businesses, we see some professionals often get partnerships and joint ventures mixed up. There are distinct differences that set the two apart. Knowing these differences will not Read More

Can Florida Employers Force an Employee to Sign a Noncompete Clause?

Noncompete clauses have received significant attention in recent months. Employers use these as a means to protect trade secrets and keep employees from negotiating with competitors. Employees agree to these clauses, often in exchange for stronger roles, pay, and benefits. With the FTC’s proposed rule to ban noncompete clauses and a bipartisan bill considering the same, some believe these clauses could soon be a Read More