What Happens When A Business Partner Dies?

We don’t often focus on the negative, but it’s important to acknowledge that business partners dying is a very real possibility. Companies deal with this all the time, so you should have a plan in place to ensure this doesn’t become a time of panic. Before we get into what happens to the partner’s business interests, we want to acknowledge that it’s important to take time to mourn and heal. A business partner is Read More

Rent-to-Own Agreements 101

Your real estate investments should always be covered by contracts that ensure all parties with an interest in those properties understand the terms and conditions. Ultimately, confusion is one of the biggest causes of lawsuits down the road. If the two parties aren’t on the same page then they may go into an agreement and live out an agreement with different intentions and different expectations. This can be Read More

Differences Between a Land Trust and a Living Trust

We’ve covered a lot of ground in recent posts, focusing on important tools you can use to protect your real estate investments. A land trust can be a great option if you want to maintain control over property and transfer ownership of your property without exposing that information to the public. We help clients set these up and understand there’s often confusion between the many different types of trusts. Estate Read More

The Role of a Business Attorney in Estate Planning

Attorneys from all different practice areas went through law school to get where they are today. It’s no wonder everybody that knows or works with an attorney thinks they can slip in questions about unrelated practices whenever they get the chance. But, we’re here to tell you something we wish everybody knew: not every attorney has answers to every single legal matter. Attorneys specialize in certain practices for a Read More

Why Your Florida LLC Needs An Operating Agreement

Putting together a successful Florida real estate portfolio can not only set you up for life, but it can build generational wealth for your family. Right now, real estate in Florida remains the hottest market in the country making for some serious competition among investors. The quickest and surest way to fall behind the competition is disorganization and miscommunication among members or partners in your LLC. We Read More

Your Florida Real Estate Portfolio Needs Structure

Let’s face it – we all take the easy way out from time to time. Sometimes the easy way is the right way and other times it’s just more convenient for our lives at that moment. When it comes to your business, however, it’s imperative to take whatever avenue that best protects your assets and preserves future growth. Real estate presents incredible opportunities to make a living, especially in the Sunshine State. Read More

Using A Business Power Of Attorney For Succession Planning

This month we’ve put a lot of focus on Florida business succession planning. We’ve heard from clients who have found out the hard way what gaps in a business succession plan can do for themselves, their businesses, and their heirs. While a written Operating Agreement can be a great tool to secure your plan, there are other avenues you can take, as well. A business Power of Attorney (POA) can take care of many Read More

Operating Agreements Should Fill Gaps In Business Succession Planning

In our most recent blog, we touched on the importance of ensuring your business has a thorough business succession plan in place. We went over the nightmare scenario of failing to secure your business succession plan and how it can leave your heirs or trustees to either pay business expenses out of pocket while the process plays out or make the tough choice to shutter the business altogether. One of the most secure Read More

Succession Plans Are Imperative For Solo Business Owners

Owning a business can be a challenging yet rewarding experience. After all, you’re having a meaningful impact on your world and the world around you by running your company. Part of running a business is preparing for the future – including a future without you. The best business is one that looks deep into the future and is proactive about future needs. A succession plan can protect your business from getting lost Read More

Limited Partnership vs. LLC For Real Estate Investments

Real estate investors have options when structuring their investments. We’ve been exploring those structures, from putting them into an LLC to forming a land trust. These and numerous other structures can provide a boost to your income, protect you from liability, allow you to manage separate properties more effectively, and more. These are all true for a Limited Partnership (LP). LPs used to be one of the most Read More