Decision-Making Authority in Business Partnerships

Partnerships form the backbone of many successful enterprises. However, the path to success has challenges, mainly when disputes arise regarding management and decision-making authority. If not managed properly, these conflicts can hinder the partnership's progress and lead to lasting damage.  The Source of Disputes  Disputes over decision-making authority often originate from differing opinions on day-to-day Read More

The Significance Of A Partnership Agreement In Florida

In Florida, creating a business partnership is more than a handshake deal. It's a commitment that requires a clear-cut agreement outlining the operational and financial aspects of your future company. A partnership agreement is a legal framework that preemptively resolves disputes and sets the stage for a successful collaboration. Building the Framework of the Partnership A partnership begins with a shared vision, Read More

Common Shareholder Disputes in Florida

Despite all your good-faith efforts to avoid a dispute between yourself and other shareholders, disputes still pop up from time-to-time. Shareholder disputes often stem from the power imbalance between majority and minority shareholders (those who collectively hold less than 50 percent of the company), violations of the shareholder agreement, and general clashes between shareholders over the direction of the Read More

How to Prevent (and resolve) a Partnership Dispute

Three simple tips can help you prevent (and resolve) a partnership dispute, which translates to money saved in your pocket. Going into business with a partner has a lot of benefits, but can also have cons. Typically, things start out great with your partner but inevitably a disagreement will arise. How you handle the disagreement is what's most important. Just like in your personal relationships, great Read More