How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Resolving Employee Disputes

Employee disputes are inevitable in any business setting, and no one understands this better than Bryant Taylor Law. We have a long-standing history of resolving disputes between even the most trusted partnerships. Regardless of what level they occur, these conflicts can significantly influence the atmosphere at work and the team's overall output. The third blog in our series about managing employees identifies Read More

How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Developing Employee Contracts

Creating an effective employee contract is a vital step for any business. It sets the foundation for a clear, professional relationship between employer and employee. In our previous blog, we looked at the best hiring processes, and today, we are examining how to draft contracts. We will outline the essential elements of a good employee contract, its objectives, and, most importantly, how it protects your Read More

How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Best Hiring Practices

Small businesses must be successful in managing their employees effectively. It can shape the work environment and influence the growth and stability of the company. Because prevention is more valuable than a cure, we will explore common mistakes companies make when hiring employees. We will provide practical advice to prevent future issues within your organization.  Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make Many small Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Global Expansion and International Business Considerations (Part III)

This is part three in a series of Advanced Topics in Business Formation. For part one, read more on Intellectual Property in Business Startups. For part two, read more on Leveraging Technology in Business Operations.  Businesses intending to expand globally have several exciting opportunities to embrace. For many, the motivation for developing beyond borders is often rooted in the possibility of entering new markets, Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Leveraging Technology in Business Operations (Part II)

This is part two in a series of Advanced Topics in Business Formation. For part one, read more on Intellectual Property in Business Startups. Technology is pivotal in reshaping corporate practices. Its function has evolved from providing fundamental operational support to being a crucial factor in the overall success of various industries. Advances in technology have significantly revolutionized how businesses Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Intellectual Property in Business Startups (Part I)

Intellectual property (IP) stands as a crucial element of success for any Florida business. For new businesses, understanding and protecting IP assets is essential. This article is part one of a three-part series tackling advanced topics in business formations that centers on the importance of IP for startups and its role in fostering innovation, creativity, and gaining a competitive edge in a specific Read More

The Significance Of A Partnership Agreement In Florida

In Florida, creating a business partnership is more than a handshake deal. It's a commitment that requires a clear-cut agreement outlining the operational and financial aspects of your future company. A partnership agreement is a legal framework that preemptively resolves disputes and sets the stage for a successful collaboration. Building the Framework of the Partnership A partnership begins with a shared vision, Read More

Member-Managed LLCs vs. Manager-Managed LLCs: Which is Right for Your Business?

Limited liability companies (LLCs) blend elements of partnerships and corporate structures. Those who use this type of entity have to make a choice that involves their management structure. The answer is integral to how the business functions and is controlled. In Florida, LLCs can be either member-managed or manager-managed. It is essential to understand the difference between the two because they impact operations, Read More

Why Florida Entrepreneurs Might Choose a C-Corporation Structure

When starting a business in Florida, entrepreneurs must navigate a range of essential decisions. Choosing the proper corporate structure is one of these critical choices. For many, a C-Corporation represents a pathway that aligns with their business aspirations. The merits of this structure are grounded in its ability to protect, grow, and sustain a business over the long term. Tailored and Flexible Compensation Read More

Employment Laws Every New Small Business Owner in Florida Should Know

Florida is a dynamic and potentially rewarding economic landscape. The Sunshine State, known for its favorable business environment, diverse demographic, and strategic geographic position, presents a wide range of regulations that business owners must navigate carefully. In particular, understanding and through employment laws are essential to protecting your business from legal challenges. Compliance also Read More