Real Estate Investment

Protect Your Real Estate Investments from Lawsuits

Do you have more than one real estate property in your name? If so, you could lose your properties in a single lawsuit. Even if you have a LLC, you can still lose them if they are not structured correctly. 

The award winning business attorneys at Bryant Taylor Law can help you protect your real estate investments. As a real estate investor himself, co-founding attorney Samuel Bryant understands how to structure a real estate portfolio that is practical, flexible and offers maximum protection against lawsuits.

We work with real estate investors to: 

see how we can help you protect your real estate empire from lawsuits

Create a legal structure to protect your personal and real estate assets from lawsuits

We use a combination of land trusts and LLCs to create a structure for your properties. Our structures offer the following benefits:

  • Easy to maintain You can keep this same structure in place as you add more properties
  • Does not violate the due on sale clause You get liability protection for financed properties without worrying about lender approval or violating the due on sale clause
  • Offers anonymity Keep your personal information off the public property records and databases

Use real estate contracts to grow your portfolio with confidence

Every interaction you have with a tenant, contractor, investor or lender can turn into a lawsuit. Our business attorneys can draft, review and negotiate the contracts real estate investors need such as:

  • Syndication agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Rent-to-own agreements
  • Seller financing agreements (Sub2/Wrap)
  • Hard money lending agreements
  • Vendor agreements (with scope of work)

We’ll handle your litigation so you can focus on investing

If you are involved in real estate long enough, a lawsuit will happen. Fortunately, our experienced business law attorneys are also litigators that can handle the legal disputes that often impact Florida real estate investors. 

  • Evictions
  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes

see how we can help you protect your real estate empire from lawsuits