Practice Areas

Practice Areas

We Are There For the Beginning and End of Your Business

Bryant Taylor Law focuses on these two points of a business’s life cycle because actions taken during these times can significantly affect your personal and financial future. Starting a business is a thrilling experience for entrepreneurs, but going through a partnership dispute can ruin everything. Whether times are good and you are looking to start your business journey, or times are bad and you are looking to end it, we are here for you.

Business Formation

Apart from deciding the unique products and services you feel will propel your company forward, there are countless legal boxes that must be checked off to ensure long-term success. The attorneys at Bryant Taylor Law understand the many considerations entrepreneurs must ponder before starting their company as a valid Florida business.

Just like an engaged couple getting a prenuptial agreement before marriage, partners looking to start a business together benefit from protecting their financial and personal interests before opening the business. This mindset will help prevent costly disputes, stress, and frustration toward your colleagues that may arise in the future. For more information on our legal services related to business formation, visit here.

Partnership Disputes

Our firm has experience in helping partners of a business settle disputes, but sometimes, the best option is for everyone to go their separate ways. Breaking up the business can become complicated if the business doesn’t have an effective partnership agreement. If this is the case with you and your business, a partnership dispute can be extremely expensive and time consuming.

There are many financial issues that are up-in-the-air in the case of a serious partnership dispute, and you may be anxious over the direction of the dispute. Bryant Taylor Law can be your guide through this messy process; click here to find out more about how we can help resolve your business partnership conflict.