How Should Florida Landlords Handle Abandoned Property?

Investing in Florida rental properties can provide you with a second source of income or even allow you to build a portfolio large enough to become a full-time landlord. Keeping a steady flow of income means keeping your properties occupied, though. The process of turning over a property from one tenant to the next will take some time, but the actions of the former tenant may impact what this looks like. Cleaning Read More

What Not to Do When Evicting a Tenant

The eviction process in Florida requires landlords to be diligent and attentive to the law. In our previous blog[LINK TO 1ST FEBRUARY BLOG], we discussed the eviction process in the Sunshine State that must be followed to avoid litigation and liability. Following Florida Statute 83.56(2) will protect Florida landlords during the eviction process. Statute 83.241 addresses the actual process of evicting a tenant. The Read More

How to Properly Evict a Tenant in Florida

As we’ve discussed recently, tensions between landlords and tenants have grown in recent years. Those tensions have put a strain on many aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, including the eviction process. Evicting tenants has always been a contentious issue, so regardless of where that relationship stands, it remains important to go through the proper channels to evict a tenant. Protecting your Florida real Read More

Rising Tensions Between Florida Landlords and Tenants Part 3: Maintenance

In the final of our 3 part series about the rising tensions, between Florida landlords and tenants, we’ll focus on the most common issue we see as business attorneys. We previously talked about tensions surrounding rising rental costs[LINK TO JANUARY BLOG 1] and the handling of security deposits[LINK TO JANUARY BLOG 2].  Another issue Florida landlords need to be on top of is the need for ongoing maintenance at Read More

Rising Tensions Between Florida Landlords and Tenants Part 2: Security Deposits

At Bryant Taylor Law, we are dedicated to helping Florida real estate investors protect their investments. Part of this includes being aware of and mitigating ongoing tensions between Florida landlords and tenants. In part one of our 3 part series, [LINK TO JANUARY BLOG 1], we addressed how rising rental costs are putting a strain on tenant-landlord relationships. Another cost associated with renting that’s been an Read More

Rising Tensions Between Florida Landlords and Tenants Part 1: Rising Rent

Over the last few years, there have been multiple factors causing serious strain on the relationship between Florida landlords and their tenants. This issue is shared across the nation. The compounding of those issues has made this strain even more prevalent – COVID-19 putting people out of work, a hot real estate market raising property values (and prices), and increasing property taxes. A study showed that Florida Read More

Florida Land Trusts Provide Liability Protection

In recent weeks and months, we’ve been diving into the many benefits of a Florida land trust. These trusts provide great flexibility and privacy to those involved, but they also add an extra layer of protection for the beneficiary of the land trust. We’ve talked extensively about how you’re able to name yourself as the beneficiary of a land trust even if you own and/or live in the home. Because of this, Florida land Read More

Can You Place a Homestead in a Land Trust in Florida?

One of the biggest questions surrounding Florida land trusts is whether or not you can put your own home in one. As we’ve covered before, land trusts provide an element of privacy and additional flexibility for those who are managing and transferring real estate. There are some who have questioned whether or not homesteads should be permitted inside of land trusts because of Florida’s homestead exemption. In this Read More

Does Florida Allow Land Trusts?

One of the most popular Google searches for real estate investors right now is Florida land trusts. There’s a lot of good information out there, including right on our blog page. Of course, it’d be a waste of time looking up Florida land trusts if the Sunshine State didn’t allow them, right? The simple answer to whether or not Florida allows land trusts is yes, the state absolutely allows you to set up land trusts. Read More

What Happens When A Business Partner Dies?

We don’t often focus on the negative, but it’s important to acknowledge that business partners dying is a very real possibility. Companies deal with this all the time, so you should have a plan in place to ensure this doesn’t become a time of panic. Before we get into what happens to the partner’s business interests, we want to acknowledge that it’s important to take time to mourn and heal. A business partner is Read More