Understanding Hard Money Lending for Real Estate Investments

Hard money lending has become an indispensable financing mechanism for those who invest in real estate. It offers rapid financing solutions where traditional lending avenues may not suffice. By emphasizing the collateral's worth over the borrower's credit score, hard money loans provide a critical funding route for projects requiring swift execution. Grasping the intricacies of hard money lending agreements is vital Read More

A Different Look At Legal Counsel During Partnership Disputes

Business partnerships lead to unforeseen challenges, mainly when disputes arise. Understanding the dynamics of legal representation in these situations is crucial for all parties involved. Choosing between a personal attorney and one representing the company can significantly influence the resolution process. Because there is some confusion around this idea, we want to discuss it to ensure business owners are Read More


People and businesses build and pass on wealth by investing in real estate. It’s a process that involves acquiring assets that generate income or increase value over time and then making timely decisions about how to manage those assets. Yet, this path can expose investors to unnecessary risks without the right legal structure. Understanding the legal mechanisms available can significantly mitigate these risks. Land Read More

Decision-Making Authority in Business Partnerships

Partnerships form the backbone of many successful enterprises. However, the path to success has challenges, mainly when disputes arise regarding management and decision-making authority. If not managed properly, these conflicts can hinder the partnership's progress and lead to lasting damage.  The Source of Disputes  Disputes over decision-making authority often originate from differing opinions on day-to-day Read More

Partnership Dissolution: Legal Strategies for a Smooth Transition

Ending a business partnership is a significant step that marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Just as forming a partnership requires careful planning, ending one does too. The process is not just about ending a legal entity; it's about ensuring all parties can move forward. Create an efficient transition for all parties involved, with minimal disruption to personal lives and future professional Read More

The Importance Of Regular Legal Reviews In Business Partnerships

Starting a business with a partner is exciting because people merge their skill sets and backgrounds to succeed in a market. Over time, companies and environments change. This is where regular legal reviews come in. They ensure that the partnership agreement stays up-to-date with these changes. These reviews can pinpoint potential legal issues before they become problems. They also ensure that the business strategy Read More

How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Resolving Employee Disputes

Employee disputes are inevitable in any business setting, and no one understands this better than Bryant Taylor Law. We have a long-standing history of resolving disputes between even the most trusted partnerships. Regardless of what level they occur, these conflicts can significantly influence the atmosphere at work and the team's overall output. The third blog in our series about managing employees identifies Read More

How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Developing Employee Contracts

Creating an effective employee contract is a vital step for any business. It sets the foundation for a clear, professional relationship between employer and employee. In our previous blog, we looked at the best hiring processes, and today, we are examining how to draft contracts. We will outline the essential elements of a good employee contract, its objectives, and, most importantly, how it protects your Read More

How To Manage Employees In A Small Business: Best Hiring Practices

Small businesses must be successful in managing their employees effectively. It can shape the work environment and influence the growth and stability of the company. Because prevention is more valuable than a cure, we will explore common mistakes companies make when hiring employees. We will provide practical advice to prevent future issues within your organization.  Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make Many small Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Global Expansion and International Business Considerations (Part III)

This is part three in a series of Advanced Topics in Business Formation. For part one, read more on Intellectual Property in Business Startups. For part two, read more on Leveraging Technology in Business Operations.  Businesses intending to expand globally have several exciting opportunities to embrace. For many, the motivation for developing beyond borders is often rooted in the possibility of entering new markets, Read More