Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Global Expansion and International Business Considerations (Part III)

This is part three in a series of Advanced Topics in Business Formation. For part one, read more on Intellectual Property in Business Startups. For part two, read more on Leveraging Technology in Business Operations.  Businesses intending to expand globally have several exciting opportunities to embrace. For many, the motivation for developing beyond borders is often rooted in the possibility of entering new markets, Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Leveraging Technology in Business Operations (Part II)

This is part two in a series of Advanced Topics in Business Formation. For part one, read more on Intellectual Property in Business Startups. Technology is pivotal in reshaping corporate practices. Its function has evolved from providing fundamental operational support to being a crucial factor in the overall success of various industries. Advances in technology have significantly revolutionized how businesses Read More

Advanced Topics in Business Formation: Intellectual Property in Business Startups (Part I)

Intellectual property (IP) stands as a crucial element of success for any Florida business. For new businesses, understanding and protecting IP assets is essential. This article is part one of a three-part series tackling advanced topics in business formations that centers on the importance of IP for startups and its role in fostering innovation, creativity, and gaining a competitive edge in a specific Read More

Why Florida Entrepreneurs Might Choose a C-Corporation Structure

When starting a business in Florida, entrepreneurs must navigate a range of essential decisions. Choosing the proper corporate structure is one of these critical choices. For many, a C-Corporation represents a pathway that aligns with their business aspirations. The merits of this structure are grounded in its ability to protect, grow, and sustain a business over the long term. Tailored and Flexible Compensation Read More

Flexibility is Key During Business Formation

At Bryant Taylor Law, we understand the excitement and passion that goes into starting a business. We hear from clients all the time who are ecstatic to get into the business formation process, but we also know doing so without being flexible can derail the entire plan. Ultimately, starting a business is more than just having the means and the vision to do so. It’s a crowded field of startups, small businesses, and Read More

How to Start a Corporation in Florida?

To get a business idea off the ground in Fort Lauderdale, you must follow the designated steps for forming a company or corporation. There are some distinct advantages to incorporating – such as liability protection - but what is the process for conducting business as a corporation? The following are the steps you need to take to start a corporation in Florida. 1. Select the name of your Read More

What Does it Mean to Have A LLC Taxed as a S-Corp?

Imagine this: You are a first-time business owner and have the idea to start your company as an LLC. You go to your accountant for tax advice and you are told that your LLC needs to be a S-Corp. Your accountant explains the details, but the only thing that matters is that you are told this set up saves you money. An LLC and a S-Corp are two different types of business entities, each with its own set of rules. An Read More

Which is Better: A Single-Member LLC or a DBA?

At least once a week, a business owner who has been operating under a DBA (aka fictitious name or “Doing business as”) comes to us because someone told them they should set up an LLC for their business. They are skeptical of forming an LLC and inevitably ask, “If it’s just me in my business, is a LLC better than a DBA?” In case you aren’t familiar, a DBA is a name that a business markets to the public that is Read More

Is a single member LLC a good idea?

A single member Limited liability company (LLC) is a business entity that offers both liability protection and tax benefits. However, a LLC involves a cost to properly establish and paperwork that is not required with a sole proprietorship. This may lead one to ask—is the single member LLC a good idea? From a business lawyer’s prospective, the answer is yes. If you are a business owner with no partners, the Read More

Forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Florida

Forming a Limited Liability Company ("LLC") is fairly straightforward in Florida, and only requires a few steps to get you up and running. Before deciding on an LLC, you should know that this is a type of business entity that offers liability protection for its owners. Although an LLC is a relatively new type of business entity, it has become very popular in Florida. This is mainly because of the flexibility in how Read More