The Benefits of a Business Attorney

If you are a small business owner, you might be thinking to yourself, “Why would I ever need a business attorney? I’ve made it this far without one. Why do I need one now?” Many small business owners ask themselves these questions. That is, until they need a business attorney to help them understand many of the regulations placed on today’s small businesses.

Truthfully, the reason so many business owners avoid hiring a business attorney is cost. Many owners believe attorneys are too expensive and they cannot afford one. But when a customer sues, or a contract needs to be drafted, owners find a way to afford an attorney. In these situations, the value of an attorney is obvious. If a customer sues because they’ve been injured or feel wronged, not hiring a business attorney to defend the lawsuit can lead to bankruptcy. A contract that wasn’t drafted or reviewed by a business attorney often causes more expensive problems down the road.

However, a business attorney can do more than just draft contracts and represent your business in lawsuits. The right business attorney provides ongoing legal advice and proactive services that can save you money and help your business achieve its long-term goals.

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Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Business Attorney

There are many reasons that your small business or startup might need an experienced business attorney. From business formation and contract negotiations, to corporate transactions, employee or customer lawsuits, environmental issues and more, a business attorney can be a useful asset.

Prevention Can Save Your Business Money

A business attorney isn’t just there to get you out of trouble, they also help you avoid it. Through consultation, they can anticipate and prevent many issues you may not know about. The law is a completely different language business attorneys dedicate years of their lives learning. It is not something you can Google and learn in a day. So why risk your company? Consulting with a business attorney to prepare written policies and procedures or employment agreements could help business owners avoid potential lawsuits from improper business methods.

Whether you built an enterprise or are an entrepreneur just starting out, a business attorney is a vital resource. Above all, consulting an experienced business attorney can contribute to the growth and success of your company. So instead of asking how your business can afford a business attorney, you should be asking whether your business can afford to not have one.

Structuring Your Business

Deciding how to structure your business can be overwhelming and confusing. Each entity has certain requirements and tax consequences. And if you DIY your business structure, you may face severe consequences that you never intended. An experienced business attorney learns your goals and advises on which business structure will best accomplish those goals. Even more, business attorneys help you get, and stay, in business.

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Registration & Incorporation

Sure, everyone can Google how to register a business on, but registering a business is more than filling out a simple application and paying the fee. It’s a complicated, very specific process that experienced business attorneys can make easier. Some business attorneys, like those at Bryant Taylor Law, have flat-rate packages for registering your company, applying for and obtaining any required business licenses, drafting your articles of incorporation, and serving as the company’s registered agent.

If you need a dependable, Fort Lauderdale business lawyer that understands the needs of today’s business owner, contact Bryant Taylor Law today at 954-282-9331 or online for a comprehensive consultation.

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