Should Your Business Be A S-Corp?

The LLC may be the popular choice for many… Have you heard of the S-Corporation (or "S-Corp" for short)? One of the first decisions many new business owners make is the type of entity to form for their business. Will it be a partnership, a corporation or a limited liability company (aka LLC)? In our experience, clients are aware of the LLC, but rarely mention the S-Corp. There is nothing wrong with the LLC. The LLC Read More

How to Get Out of a Non-Compete Agreement

Non-Compete agreements have always been common in certain industries. In today’s era they’re becoming increasingly popular across the board. Florida courts are enforcing non-compete agreements through injunctions. These injunctions can prevent an employee from accepting a higher paying or more prestigious position at another company. A non-compete is usually given to you as a condition of your new employment. And Read More

Millennials: the Future of Business Ownership

Millennials are changing the face of business ownership and are quickly becoming "millennialpreneurs". Millennials make up approximately 75.4 million Americans, and nearly half of them plan to start a business in the next 3 years. In a 2017 study by America’s Small Business DevelopmentCenters (America's SBDC), millennials were found to be the most entrepreneurial generation ever. The creation of wealth was the #1 Read More

HeinOnline: Seating Arrangements in Mediation”

"Seating arrangements are an aspect of mediation over which the mediator has the most control. Thus, the mediator can use seating arrangements to set the tone of a mediation before the parties arrive. This paper will analyze the use of seating arrangements to set the tone of a mediation before the parties arrive. Section II describes the importance of seating arrangments in mediation. Section II explains the Read More

BizJournals: “Miami startup RadiFit wins PowerMoves Miami Demo Day”

"Ask a room full of startup pitch contestants on competition day if they slept the night before, and you’ll get a round of groans and laughs." View Full Article Read More

Huffpost: “18 Black Miami Founders making waves outside of Silicon Valley.”

"South Florida is known for a lot of things, it’s beaches, close proximity to the Caribbean and Latin American, the birth place of augmented reality company Magic Leap and the home of rapper Trick Daddy. In 2015 South Florida’s largest city, Miami, was listed as the #2 city for startup activity by the Kauffman Foundation. What’s not often talked about is it’s budding black startup community." View Full Article Read More