Decoding Florida’s Tax Regulations for New LLCs

Florida is known for its transparent business environment, particularly regarding Limited Liability Companies (LLCs). We have over 2.7 million small businesses, contributing 42.2% of the state's workforce. Many of these small businesses opt for the LLC structure. Owners appreciate the fluidity and protective nature that the entity provides. Yet, while the business landscape in Florida may appear straightforward, the Read More

Navigating Zoning Laws for Your First Retail Business in Florida

Zoning laws establish the regulatory framework, ensuring orderly and harmonious community development. In Florida, where retail businesses are an integral part of numerous cities, navigating through the details of zoning laws becomes essential for business owners. Especially for those new to the retail business, understanding and adhering to these laws not only pave the way for a smooth launch but also circumvent Read More

Understanding the Differences Between a 1099 and a W-2 Employee

Properly classifying employees is a vital compliance issue that some employers have failed to address, often at a significant cost. This often leads to a disruption of business or even, in some rare cases, shuttering your business. Employee classification issues have become a more common issue for businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies rely on different types of employees, such as contractors Read More

Keeping Your Business on Track When Hiring Hourly Remote Workers

Remote employees are a regular part of modern business. There are numerous benefits to expanding your team in this way, but it’s important to understand the unique challenges and how to overcome them. Consistent policy enforcement, tracking working hours, and maintaining productivity are all crucial aspects of bringing on remote hourly employees. We want to help you make this transition as you enter an exciting time Read More

Social Media is a Slippery Slope for Employers and Employees

In a digital world, social media reigns supreme. Most businesses are on social media but so are most of your employees. It’s a great tool when used appropriately, and there’s no denying the amount of money that’s available to those who properly execute their social media brand. Issues arise when social media is misused or used in a way that’s confusing to others. Online platforms have changed the way we communicate, Read More

Is Your Business Sale in the Closing Stage? Don’t Celebrate Yet

Selling your Florida business is a huge moment in your life and career. You worked hard to build to this point and are ready to receive the fruits of your labor. You’ve already worked through the important letter of intent and due diligence phases of the deal and are ready to close. Now that you’re in the closing stage of the deal, it’s time to make sure everything is officially in order before handing over the keys Read More

What Florida Business Owners Can’t Miss During the Due Diligence Stage of a Sale

One of the most important (if not the most important) stages of a business sale is the due diligence process. At this point, you and your partners have one last chance to uncover any unknowns, misinformation, or misdirection. You can’t afford to push through this process quickly. As a seller, due diligence often means not only vetting the interested party who has signed a letter of intent but also ensuring your Read More

Selling Your Florida Business? You Hold the Leverage in the Letter of Intent Stage

For Florida business owners looking to sell their business, it’s important to understand the various stages of a deal and where your leverage lies. The truth is that, in most mergers and acquisitions (M&A), leverage shifts from party to party depending on where you are at in the deal. For the initial stages of a negotiation, the letter of intent stage, the seller holds the leverage. You are at a vital point in Read More

Businesses Need to Start the Relationship with a Business Attorney Early

Business is competitive and nuanced. You are entering an industry that already has roughly 34 million entities formed and running. The challenges that come with entering this crowded field and attempting to do something new or find new ways of doing old things require meticulous planning and oversight. As business attorneys, we often don’t hear from businesses until they’re already well down the pathway to litigation Read More

Get Ahead of Insurance Issues By Involving a Business Attorney

An insurance policy should not be causing you and your business headaches. Unfortunately, many Florida businesses spend hours sifting through insurance policy options before committing to a company just to find out later the insurance policy doesn’t say what they believed it did. Our team of attorneys regularly works with clients who uncover surprises every time they learn about what their insurance policies actually Read More